Could Undiagnosed Gut & Hormonal Issues Be The REAL Cause Of Your Health Struggles?

  • Do you find it harder to breeze through your to-do list? Feeling "off" some days and don't know why?
  • Have you packed on a few pounds seemingly "out of nowhere"? Or struggling with brain fog & poor memory?
  • Getting plenty of sleep... yet still don't wake up refreshed? Don't have the energy & excitement to socialize like you used to?
  • Do certain foods cause digestive drama... but you can't pinpoint which ones?

Take this short quiz to find out if undiagnosed gut or hormonal imbalances are to blame!


3 Misconceptions About Gut + Hormones

ALL Disease

Begins In The Gut

Many mystery symptoms are actually GI issues in "disguise"

Patients rarely associate symptoms like brain fog, joint pain or allergies with impaired gut health, but the microbiome and the protective gut lining are our body's first defense!

That's why going deeper on possible gut imbalances & stealth infections is part of our integrative approach... so we can dial down inflammation & premature aging.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Are nutrient deficiencies slowing your thyroid function?

Sometimes, your hormones aren’t actually the problem, and that's why hormone replacement therapy alone isn't helpful. Using an integrative approach, we first evaluate all possible root causes of hormonal dysfunction – including possible gut imbalances & nutrient deficiencies that can be easily corrected with high-quality supplements.

Beyond Your Hormones

Gut issues & stealth infections affect all your hormones!

Your body's hormone system is pretty complex, and that's why trying to "fix" hormonal imbalances on its own will always backfire. Stealth infections, poor gut health or insulin resistance push hormones out of whack... so we need to address those issues first before looking into more conventional treatment options like hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Meet Dr. Dr Jerald Duggar, DC, FDN-P

I’m Dr. Jerald Duggar.I’m Dr. Jerald Duggar. I’m a husband, father of 4 amazing kids, total health geek, occasional choral singer and soloist, and wannabe golfer. More importantly to you, I’m also a chiropractor and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner with over 22 years of clinical experience helping people just like you figure out how to maintain their own health and the health of their family in the midst of this crazy, stressed-out world we live in.I’ve been on a never-ending quest to master the key components of a wellness lifestyle and develop more effective ways to help my community to lose weight, sleep better, balance their hormones, have great energy and altogether feel happier in their own skin – all without dangerous drugs and surgery!I believe deeply that we each have a capacity to live a life of health and happiness far beyond what we are currently enjoying. Our bodies are truly amazing and when we understand what our body is trying to tell us, we become empowered to make better choices, and then our bodies can’t help but respond with amazing health transformations!

Your Health + Wellness Is Our Passion

Helping people live a more balanced & healthier life isn't just our job, it's our passion! We take our commitment to lifelong, optimal health + wellness very seriously... incorporating the latest scientific advances and dedicated to the very best care possible.

We focus on giving you the care you need, not the care sanctioned by health insurance – which is why our programs include longer appointment times, more communication, more advanced testing and guidance on lifestyle factors that can truly make or break your health.

We like to think of ourselves as your trusted partner towards a healthier, more resilient life – supporting you every step of the way, because we know what's possible when you have the right guide by your side!

If you haven't found the answers you've been looking for with traditional medicine and still feel unheard, you are in the right place! We're excited to make you our next success story, so let's take the first step with the quiz :)


Ready For Amazing Results Like These?

"I have been coming to Dr. Duggar now for eight years. He has helped me get off anti-depressants and to be happy and healthier. I have brought my kids to see Dr. Duggar from the time they were two days old. He has helped us through times of sickness and pain. I am so grateful for all the help he has given and continues to give me and my family."

Nicole M

Mountain Green, UT

"I've been coming to Duggar Wellness for about 5 years. Dr. Duggar is amazing. I struggled with headaches in the beginning. I went through a complete wellness program and now I feel so much better and knowing that it was all done naturally was great. My 2 children have ADHD and Dr. Duggar's research has allowed him to do so many things to help them naturally."

Julie M

Farmington, UT

"I have been visiting Dr. Duggar for a few months now and I love the holistic approach to my health. Dr. Duggar's treatments have helped me feel better and manage my stress better. I love how he used functional medicine testing to accurately diagnose the specific issues I was experiencing and then created a health plan that included diet, adjustments and energy work. I am grateful for the help of everyone at Duggar Wellness to improve my life"

Joni B

Layton, UT

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